Small Business Coaching & Consulting

Whether you are setting up and getting going or you have been established for some time my coaching and consulting services will motivate you to improve your business, get more clients and increase your profit margins.

Maybe you are unsure where to find you client base, how best to market yourself, maybe you don't understand the different social media options available to you or maybe you are looking to develop passive income streams for your business.

Running a business is stressful, can be exhausting, often making for sleepless nights through too much worrying or over excitement or raging optimism.  Often it takes times to get our ideas into fruition and no everyone has the benefit of an independent sounding board.

Our priority is to work with the business owner, keep them focused and on track, listen to you when you are struggling with juggling everything, delegation issues, work-life balance issues.  We can help you support any those things and more.

We appreciate that money can be tight when you're setting up a new business - we believe our fees are very reasonable.  However we do offer discounts on the fees for existing clients who introduce new ones to us.  Up to 80% discount depending on the number of clients referred and the value of their business.

Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss how we can help you as a business owner - but only when you are readying, willing and able to commit to working with us. 

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