Introduction to Coaching Workshop

The 7 Steps to Understanding Coaching

There is often a lot of confusion as to what Coaching is and the benefits that it can offer both personally and professionally.

As a Coaching Academy Licenced Trainer I run one day workshops where you can discover the real benefits of coaching, including:

  • The incredible difference that great coaching can bring about in your performance
  • Whether coaching is right for you and your company
  • How to make the decision to hire a coach
During the workshop, you will also have the chance to be coached so you don’t have to take our word about the impact of can know for yourself!

This day is perfect for you if you are considering hiring a coach for yourself on a personal level or if you are researching hiring a coach for your company.

You will leave with a very clear understanding of what coaching is and why it works and you will see the benefits of hiring a Coaching Academy Licenced Trainer – someone who is qualified to coach and approved by The Coaching Academy to run this workshop.

The 7 Steps to Understanding Coaching

Step 1: Coaching defined

Learn the latest definitions of coaching, so that you understand EXACTLY how coaching differs from training and mentoring professions.
You will leave the day understanding exactly WHY and HOW coaching works. Is it psychology, NLP or something else? You’ll have your questions answered.

Step 2: The Potential of Coaching

This step covers the empirical evidence explaining the reasons why so many organisations spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on coaching programmes for their staff

Step 3: Who hires a Coach?

You will understand why businesses are attracted to coaching and the top twenty reasons why they hire a coach.
You will go away from the day clear about the benefits of hiring a qualified coach who is able to provide top quality coaching.

Step 4: Experience Coaching

It’s not until you have experienced coaching first-hand that you will appreciate the impact it can have.
This practical demonstration is a highlight of the day as it suddenly turns a theoretical subject into EXACTLY what it should be – a practical skill that works with anyone, anywhere, in any country in the world.

Step 5: The Power of Goal Setting

You will discover the powerful impact that coaching can have on your business, setting realistic and achievable goals that will move your organisation forward.

Step 6: Overcoming Barriers

Identify and overcome obstacles using the strengths of your business to take you forward.

Step 7: Maximising Potential

You will be shown how to identify the strengths in yourself and your staff, acknowledging them, developing them and appreciating them.


Contact us to book your place on this workshop.  

We deliver to on a 1:1 or small group (max 4 people) online.

If having completed this workshop you sign up for a period of 1:1 coaching with us within a month you will receive a discount of our coaching fees.

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